To help in the distribution of LRM’s and LMM’s, we are extending a maximum of 20 Affiliate Partner (AP) Licenses. AP’s prospect for leads using select tools, (LinkedIn SN, CRM, etc.,) in order to locate and contact Groups, Associations, Organizations, Non-profits, and Businesses. We offer Bundle packages, in order to assist them with revenue, fundraising, incentives, adding new member benefits, and more.


After finding, presenting and closing on a Bundle sale, you (AP) receive a “lifetime” commission override for every LRM/LMM activation and reactivation. Commission reports are provided through your AP Tracking Link.

For example:

  • Non-profits has 20,000 past donors
  • Non-profit has a fundraiser which includes an LRM/LMM
  • Past donors (20% @ 4000) sign-up for the fundraiser and receive an LRM/LMM
  • AP would receive $1.00 @ 20% = $4000 in commission from LRM/LMM activations
  • AP would receive $.50 @ 20% = $2000 in “residual” commission from LRM/LMM renewals

There are some nominal monthly cost associated with maintaining your AP status. Please see below.

  • LinkedIn Account with Sales Navigator (SN) = $79.00
  • AeroLeads (pulls accurate emails and numbers from SN) = $50.00
  • Your choice of a CRM (we recommend?)

As mentioned above, we will only grant 20 restricted licenses. The criteria for a license is as follows:

  • Be set-up to run a legitimate business from home (computer, internet, mobile or home phone, etc.,)
  • Be willing and able to invest into your monthly tools to maintain activity (SN, CRM, etc.,)
  • Complete at least 3 Bundle sales within 60-days

NOTE: For not achieving requirements, or for misrepresentation, we reserve the right to revoke a license, after initial 60-days has past.

In conclusion, please note, YAFI is the only platform that exist of its kind. There are not many opportunities that come along in our lifetime, which realistically, can help us achieve financial independence. So, please be sure to take advantage of them when they show up. You deserve it. See below what AP’s receive in advance with license approval.

  • 1 / 6-Month “Personal” LRM ($275 retail value)
  • 10 / 3-Month LRM’s ($1050 retail value)
  • 3-Night / 4-Day PIF Vacation Certificate ($750 retail value)
  • 6-Months of LIVE Streaming TV, Movies, Per-Per-View ($750 retail value)
  • Total Estimated Value = $2825

Our goal is to help 20 AP’s achieve a “lifetime” residual income, which can reach in the high 6-figures and beyond. It can also be willed to family members or to a cause – greatly impacting your legacy. To complete your invoice for your Lifestyle Membership License, please click below.

After remitting payment you will then need to complete your Affiliate Form. Upon approval, you will receive your tracking link, along with additional information regarding weekly AP training and more.

Congratulations on making it this far!

We hope to see you on the inside.