After getting some complaints about buffering, and doing a detailed check, we’ve found a lot of those complaints are not related to the service  This is why it is very important to provide you some insight on how to get better performance :

1- For Mag devices it is better to change the portal url to this one :  http://ky-iptv.com:25461/c

2- For Xtream codes and M3U lines , Please use this DNS URL :  http://ky-iptv.com:25461

3- For all customers who are using home internet router, you guys are getting two wifi lines at your home. One is 5G and the other is the normal one, You need to make sure your device is connected to 5G

4- Make you are refreshing the channels list in your IPTV app when you face such issues

5- Finally you can send your channel issue to us:  buffering@yafiworld.com

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