Credit Repair DIY Package




The course has 7 lessons, and each lesson is divided in short chapters. It provides tools to boost your scores and insider guides to help you reach your goal faster.

Credit Repair Insider’s Guide: has videos, easy to follow instructions, and 77 downloadable dispute letters that you can download on Word format. Those 77 letters are all you need to repair your credit. 

Secrets They Don’t Want You to Know About Authorized User Tradelinesteach you about Authorized User Tradelines and give you access to credit builder tradelines and our inventory of hundreds of Authorized User Tradelines.

Tips For Better Credit and Finance Guide: 15 articles on how to reach your financial goals and mistakes you should avoid.

The Insider’s List of Creditors and Collection Companies Guide: list with the address of over 900 collection companies and creditors. It will be useful when you address those companies with direct disputes.

500 Credit Repair Articles Tips, Tricks & Tools: for blogs or social media.

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