To help in the distribution of LRM, we offer Bundle packages to assist Lifestyle Membership Affiliate (LMA) with revenue, loyalty, fundraising and extending their benefits. LMA = non-profits, businesses, associations, and groups, who financially leverage our platform, while receiving up to 30% off the retail price, plus their markup.

If you are already an LMA, please LOGIN HERE. If you are not yet an LMA, please click the image below to get registered for approval.

The power of YAFI is its value, designed for the LMA to leverage for their financial benefit – including for those they serve.”

LMA’s are listed on the Lifestyle Directory page. It’s created to serve as a “shared” landing page, covering multiple services and categories. We drive traffic to the page through content placement, paid advertising (PPC), and other marketing strategies, month-after-month. We provide several ways to participate.

One way is the Activation Card below. It provides a retail front, or a group conducting a fundraiser, etc., with an immediate gratification tool. Click image for details.

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