Private Benefits

We enhance associations members benefits found with many types of organizations. 

Community Driven

Our philosophy is built around impacting and giving value back to those who need it most.

Grants & Gifts

Recycle grants and corporate support to assist communities with smart tools and services.

What is YAFI?

YAFI – the ultimate lifestyle membership that’s taking the nation by storm! With YAFI, you can experience the very best in AI technology, combined with exclusive “LIVE” lifestyle benefits, which are designed to help make life easier and more fulfilling.

Whether you’re a business owner, non-profit organization, or just an everyday person looking to enhance your lifestyle, YAFI has something for everyone. We offer cutting-edge services to help you streamline your operations, automate your processes, and boost your personal and professional productivity – all while saving you time and money.


Live Your Best Lifestyle Powered by “LIVE” Premiere Services and Cutting-Edge AI

YAFI combines LIVE premiere services with our exclusive AI tools, designed to enhance members efficiency for both of their personal and business activities. 

about The vision

We have a way of fitting in..

YAFI is designed to be flexible, in order to fit in with many types of industries and verticals.  Simply plug-in the benefits that you want – leave out what you don’t.

Lifestyle Membership

Four groups that are made up of multiple premier benefits, such as: 24/7 Roadside Assistance, Tele-Medicine, Travel Service, Finance and more. 

Fundraising Packages

Non-profits can receive a wholistic approach to creating lasting value and revenue for their causes by leveraging the YAFI platform. Fundraising is especially prevalent to us

Smart Lead Generation

Exclusive software designed to help generate new leads. Click HERE for Smart Automated Messaging (SAM) details. Click below for our Sales Lead Software (SLS).

Employee Rewards

The membership is an ideal complement to traditional health benefits. Employees get to choose their group rewards offered by their employer.

Extended Benefits

In addition to our membership services. We include weekly training, designed to introduce progressive ideas and new AI lifestyle insights. 

Entertainment Services

LIVE Local TV & Movies, Weekly Series, Specials. Deep Discounts at Hotels, Car Rentals, Amusement Parks, Dining, Fast Food, Music Events, more.  

Lifestyle Affiliates

Llfetime Residuals

Generational Wealth

Members & Affiliates

For Your YAFI Success!

A smart service platform, designed for flexibility and to extend value. Ideal for any person or organization that wishes to incorporate lifestyle coverage.

“Extend Value – Increase Profit” 

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