The very essence of YAFI, is to be known as an organization that is only as good as what we give. To that end, we are introducing a non-profit program for Social Media group leaders only, who will receive $5 FOR EVERY $5 they help raise for two non-profit children’s groups, we’ve selected to support with every LRM / LMM purchase. All activities are tracked via the Affiliate link provided after sign-up. Please note that all Administrator’s has the option of selecting a “local” Children’s Hospital of their choice for each donation.

  1. Simply sign-up as an Affiliate
  2. Select a 6-month or 12-month LRM or LMM
  3. Share your Affiliate link with your group members
  4. Group leaders receive $5 for every LRM/LMM purchased
  5. $2.50 to Shriners and $2.50 to St Jude in your groups honor (or give to local children’s hospital)
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