We manage your Google Ads account by structuring ads, optimizing keywords, and driving traffic directly to your website for your cause.

The Google Ad Grants Program gives qualified organizations $10,000 per month to spend on Google Ads to promote their missions and initiatives. This will allow your organization to send users from Google’s search engine to your website when they search for a term that’s relevant to your cause.

How can your nonprofit use this free tool? Start by amplifying your strategic initiatives.

*Mission-based goals

*Volunteer, job, and board positions

*Online auctions



Why should you choose us?

Many non-profits have seen positive changes like this: 

  1. Days for Girls – Saw a $212 average donation to empower women around the world. 
  2. We Care Animal Rescue – Raised monthly 125% adoption applications.
  3. SOS Children’s Village of India – Grew website traffic by over 30%.
  4. Samaritans – Raised over $48,000 in online donations for their helpline.


1. Apply for your Google for Non-profits account.

2. Activate Google Ad Grants – fill out the assessment – submit your organization for review

3. We advise you on type of campaign to set-up

4 Launch your Google Ad Grants campaign

5. Google Grant Landing Page

6. Add 50 Keywords

7. Add 6 Ad groups

8. Set-up 30 Ads

9. Twenty-One (21) Days for Management

10. Make campaign and offer suggestion

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