Lifestyle Independent Affiliate = LIA  

Lifestyle Membership Activation Card = LMAC 

  • LIA interview process, character, goals, general get to know 
  • Review past experience for connections and overall strategy   
  • Business registered as a Sole Proprietor, LLC, Inc, or DBA 
  • 12-Month LMM required to become an LIA


1. Buy 3-5-10 LMAC for personal sales to offer individuals.

3 LMACLRM @ $390 Retail /$345 Discounted /$45 Total Commission  
5 LMACLRM @ $650 Retail /$525 Discounted /$125 Total Commission
10 LMACLRM @ $1300 Retail /$1000 Discounted /$300 Total Commission

3 LMACLMM @ $540 Retail / $480 Discounted / $60 Total Commission  
5 LMACLMM @ $900 Retail /$750 Discounted / $150 Total Commission
10 LMACLMM @ $1800 Retail / $1450 Discounted /$350 Total Commission

LIA may purchase LMAC for “upfront” commission. LIA MAY NOT UP-CHARGE. Must charge retail value (or less) listed on the YAFI website.  


2. For Bundle purchases, LIA may also approach associations / groups / business owners.  LIA will have Business Cards and Personal Affiliate Link. Also, we suggest LIA’s have a PayPal or Square account.   

Sales commission for Bundles to non-profits, business, associations, groups: 

  • 20 Bundle LMM/LRM = $200 One-Time Commission
  • 35 Bundle LMM/LRM = $350 One-Time Commission 
  • 60 Bundle LMM/LRM = $500 One-Time Commission           

LIA will receive a $.50 residual commission per renewal 

LIA must get over 100 LMM/LRM activations to qualify for $.50 residual

Lifestyle Mobile Membership Set-Up 

The LMM/LRM includes Cost-Saving Lifestyle Benefits, Entertainment Services and Multi-Access Communication service (tablet, mobile device, computer)  

To sign into your LMM, please visit ( or look for the QR code on the YAFI home page.  

NOTE: Google Play Store and Android Play Store app COMING SOON.

Upon purchase of LMM/LRM, an e-mail will be sent to your address with Password and FLEX-Line number.  

  1.  Go to designated URL landing page (
  1.  Enter email, password to access FLEX-Line, Lifestyle Membership, and Entertainment Services
  1.  This will place you in your FLEX-Line for calling, SMS services, voicemail 
  1.  One FLEX-Line to use as an extra line included in your membership  
  1.  Flex-Line to be used with Data or WiFi for talk, SMS, voicemail
  1.  If you wish to stream or use video games, WiFi is advised only 
  1.  Receive additional Flex-Line for $20 a month per line  
  1.  Keep your current mobile number (number portability) 
  1.  It’s recommended to keep a minimum of 500mb of data or hotspot from your current mobile provider

NOTE: Once becoming comfortable, you may choose to eliminate your voice/SMS/messaging bill with your traditional mobile provider and permanently use your “inclusive” FLEX-Line as your primary phone number.   

  1. LMM service can be used worldwide, traveling using Data or any WiFi  

General Questions

How to RENEW for a LMM/LRM? ( 

Reports are accessible in the back-office to monitor membership renewals. 

LIA are advised to inform their clients (or members) to always purchase Bundles and use their designated LIA link when doing so. This way LIA’s can 24/7 track all sales activities with their account.

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