Our goal for each Affiliate is to help elevate, or create revenue, by adding more overall value – for less. Your advantage when working with YAFI, is we invest our team and resources for your content creation and distribution, along with massive online placement. We create and refine each campaign, then release it to hundreds of websites and digital platforms on your behalf, using your free content credits.

How Do The Content Credits Work?

When purchasing a Bundle, Affiliate’s receive a $2450 content writing and placement credit, designed to help promote and drive interest toward their business, event, or fundraiser. Credits are accumulative, but only one can be used per 30-day cycle. Each campaign consists of an Article, Blog, Video, SlideShare and Audio Ad.

Reach New Customers

By combining customized, strategic content with the right placements, we are able to “organically” drive your interested prospects and customers to your product, business, service, or fundraiser.

$2450 Content Credit with each Bundle purchased!

Increase Online Exposure with 400+ Placements

By creating unique content and placing it in over 400+ quality placements across 5 different media types, you’ll get seen more often.

Build Awareness and Interest with Content

Content is still king and if you don’t have it, you’re likely not being seen enough. The internet is built on and for content. We help you leverage this and use it to build your business, brand, or non-profit.

Hours of Work – All Working For You

With the help of our content team and automation, you can now save thousands of dollars, or hundreds of hours per year in manual labor and tasks. We expose your information online – credited for free with each Bundle purchased.
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