Organic Based (FDA approved) COVID-19 Solution Passes CDC Approved Lab Test

Organic based, FDA approved, non-GMO, drug and alcohol-free solution with no added chemicals that has been successfully proven to kill COVID-19. Test results in a USA CDC approved lab indicate that the product kills the virus in two (2) minutes time. The product, Protectene Anti-Pathogenic Aerosol Solution, has applicable use on porous and non-porous surfaces and can be micro vaporized into the building HVAC systems to protect occupants.

The product has also undergone successful testing for Skin Sensitivity, Mucous Membrane and Inhalation safety. It also recently passed testing parameters set by USA CDA protocol for AOAC Germicidal Healthcare Spray. The product was developed over an eight-year period by Arthur Martin, Ph.D. the President and Principal Research Scientist of the firm. The product has been undergoing field trials for many years in various global geographic location and climatic conditions. It was previously successfully tested in Malaysia for H1N1 and has extremely high efficacy o numerous fungi, bacteria, viruses and yeasts with no toxicity effects to human, animals or plants. The product is completely biodegradable.

In conjunction with the product announcement GICC LLC has launched distribution of the proprietary M3 System Diffuser. The M3 System Diffuser works on the Brownian Motion theory of bioaerosol particulate movement. When connected to a building HVAC system, the unit, utilizing Protectene Anti-Pathogenic Aerosol Solution has the ability to infuse the interior building atmosphere with millions of molecules per cubic meter of breathable air. Since each individual molecule contains the characteristics (efficacy) of the parent product, as they move around ion relation to the Brownian Motion Theory, they will come on physical contact with not only the COVID 19 Virus but other pathogens as well thereby eliminating and/or controlling potentially harmful levels.

Dr. Martin has consulted for more than forty years on the control of pathogenic bioaerosol. His work includes consulting directly to several foreign governments. He is a member of the W.H.O. Stop TB Board and was previously nominated to the prestigious Kochon Prize for his work with Tuberculosis.

Global Infection Control Consultants, LLC works closely with several renown companies such as Holista Colltech, a Malaysian company headed by Dr. Rajen Manika, Dr. of Pharmacy and Holistic Medicine. He is also the Chief Scientist of a Tianjin, China company, Bioklyne Biotech, Inc. headed by Dr. Peihong Tang.

This ground-breaking technology offers the opportunity to reopen the country by providing safe indoor environments with technology that has been absolutely tested and proven under the most comprehensive requirements.


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