Private Benefits

We compliment traditional Member Benefits that are found on many association and non-profit websites. 

Community Driven

Our philosophy is built around giving-back and recycling dollars back to those who need it most. Social Media helps to extends this goal.

Sponsorship Recycled

We recycle sponsorships to assist with our “Community Helping Community” financial literacy, communication, and entertainment LRM package.

“What is YAFI?

YAFI is a Wholesale Membership Platform, designed for your Members to receive premier, lifestyle discounts, cash-back, rewards and services.

Lifestyle Membership Affiliate (LMA) are businesses, non-profits, associations, organizations, groups, etc., who increase their overall value, by adding the Lifestyle Membership to the “Member Benefits” section on their website.

However, unlike traditional benefits, which typically aide the member level only, our premiere services are designed to add great value to your members business, local association, sub-organization or group – positively impacting their fiscal results. 

about The vision

We have a way of fitting in..

Some may view us as an organized chameleon type company. In other words, YAFI was designed to be manipulated and stretched, in order to fit many types of industries or vertical markets. Simply plug-in the benefits that you want – leave out what you don’t. See details below.

Lifestyle Membership

Consisting of “4 Groups” that are made up of multiple premier benefits, such as: 24/7 Roadside Assistance, TeleMedicine, Travel Service, Finance and more.

Vacation Certificates

Members receive a 3, 5, or 8-day Vacation Stay with options for Resorts, or Discounted Hotels. We have recently extended into the Extended Stay space.  

YAFI Flex Line!

Receive a complimentary “Flex Line” with  WiFi Talk, Text, Video. Use as an extra Mobile Line, Business Line, or Voicemail Service. Pay only for Data use. 

Employee Rewards

An LMM or LRM is an ideal compliment, to traditional health benefits. Employee Members get to choose their group rewards offered by their employer.

Extended Benefits

The Lifestyle Membership includes more than your standard benefits with more “private” Discounts and Services for the entire family to enjoy! 


LIVE Local TV & Movies, Weekly Series, Specials. Deep Discounts at Hotels, Car Rentals, Amusement Parks, Dining, Fast Food, Music Events, more.  

We realize many organizations can be confused with how to manage their social media (online) presence. We’ll give you the tools and free credits to help you achieve your social media goals. 

We have partnered with “Health Therapies” to bring to the United States, the first all natural solution, created to fight Covid-19 on contact and keep it away for 8-12 hours with one small application.

We reward our Affiliates in multiple ways to help spread the word. Our Affiliates are greatly rewarded with built-in Commission and the ability to Upcharge for even more revenue.  

For Your YAFI Success!

Lifestyle Bundles is the wholesale option, which decreases an already reduced cost for each Lifestyle Membership. Best for Fundraising, Donations and Special Events.

“Extend Value – Increase Profit” 

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