For non-profit organizations and for-profit business access only.


Benefits for the entire family with ONE Lifestyle Membership!
Adding more Value to support your Cause!
Entertainment, Auto, Finances, Health, and More!

About YAFI

How we help Consumer Members?

One Lifestyle Membership (LM) covers the entire household with multiple lifestyle modules, such as: ID Theft Protection, 24-Hour Roadside Assistance, Discount Shopping, Travel & Entertainment, Health Care Services, Financial Counseling, And Much, Much More. 

How we help Business Members?

We provide top level advice for small businesses with accredited financial advisers and accountants. We insure compliance and accuracy with a $1,000,000 insurance policy. Instituting real business solutions that impact cash-flow, while leveraging smart advice with direct assistance.  We further offer one of the best online marketing packages that eixst in today’s business enviornment. 

How we help Non-Profit Organizations?

By including the LM platform, non-profits can create a steady flow of predictable funding for their cause, while providing premiere benefits to those who donate, or make a financial contribution. Essentially, paying donors/contributors back in the form of regular discounts, savings, and lifestyle services.

How we help Lifestyle Partners?

We offer select Lifestyle Partners (LP), a unique sales opportunity to work with businesses and non-profit organizations, Nationwide. We provide the tools that support the platform entry into various vertical markets (spas, apartments, restaurants, fitness, day care, telecom, churches, etc), which supports the LP in education and best practices. 



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